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India 2011

India 2011 (12)

India 2011

Theme:3G comes to India

India’s auctions of 3G spectrum licenses in 2010 marked the start of a new era for India’s approximately 600 million mobile users. The 3G spectrum will give them better Internet access and accelerate the growth of everything from eGovernment to eHealth, eCommerce, telemedicine and much more. Service providers and equipment vendors for businesses and consumers alike will all be hard pressed to keep up with the demand for everything from smartphones to consumer applications, and from infrastructure to billing and network management services. Despite the expected in 3G driven revenues, there are concerns that the prices paid for the spectrum will have the auction winners struggling for years to recuperate their investment. Some industry observers predict there will be a wave of consolidations in the sector as a result. Whatever happens, we can be sure that business users and consumers will both benefit greatly from the greatly enhanced services that 3G makes possible - and that competitive necessity and the need to generate a strong return on investment guarantees. One can expect that the focus on consumer needs will be redoubled as companies move to stake out their positions in this extremely dynamic market.

Shantigram Jagannath Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 10
Topic: 3G in India - it’s not just bandwidth
Author: Shantigram Jagannath
Title: VP & MD
Organisation: Airvana Networks
PDF size: 248KB
Vijay Yadav Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 9
Topic: 3G - Bringing Interactivity
Author: Vijay Yadav
Title: VP & MD, South Asia operations
Organisation: UTStarcom Inc
PDF size: 370KB
Shali Thilakan Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 8
Topic: Big 3G business
Author: Shali Thilakan
Title: Managing Director
Organisation: Cable&Wireless Worldwide
PDF size: 217KB
Manish Dalal Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 7
Topic: 3G in India
Author: Manish Dalal
Title: Vice President, Asia- Pacific, Verisign Naming Services
Organisation: Verisign
PDF size: 811KB
Sanjay Nayak Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 6
Topic: Mobile Backhaul - the key to 3G in India
Author: Sanjay Nayak
Title: CEO & MD
Organisation: Tejas Networks
PDF size: 218KB
Justin Chen Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 5
Topic: Service-driven growth, devices, networks and the cloud
Author: Justin Chen
Title: COO
Organisation: Huawei Technologies India Pvt., Ltd
PDF size: 248KB
Naresh Wadhwa Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 4
Topic: 3G - controlling the threats
Author: Naresh Wadhwa
Title: President & Country Manager
Organisation: Cisco Systems
PDF size: 603KB
Urs Pennanen Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 3
Topic: Inclusive growth through telecom in India
Author: Urs Pennanen
Title: Head of India Region
Organisation: Nokia Siemens Networks
PDF size: 316KB
Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 2
Topic: Next steps for India’s telecom
Author: Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala
Title: Professor
Organisation: Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)
PDF size: 250KB
Rajan S. Mathews Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 1
Topic: India’s 3G challenge
Author: Rajan S. Mathews
Title: Director General
Organisation: Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI)
PDF size: 249KB
Mats Vilander Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 12
Topic: Blowing your way - wind powered base stations
Author: Mats Vilander
Title: European General Manager
Organisation: Zephyr Corporation
PDF size: 296KB
Arvind Rao Issue: India 2011
Article no.: 11
Topic: Video, the catalyst for 3G success in India
Author: Arvind Rao
Title: Chairman, CEO & Co-founder
Organisation: OnMobile
PDF size: 349KB

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