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Latin America 2005

Latin America 2005 (13)

Latin America 2005

Theme: Intelligent positioning for growth

Connect-World series of magazines is the leading magazine in the telecom and ICT industry that brings together the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap between the developed and developing world.

Edwin San RomanIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:1
Topic:Public Internet booths in Peru: from the corporate market to the community market
Author:Edwin San Roman
Title:Chairman of the Board and President
Organisation:OSIPTEL and REGULATEL
PDF size:156KB
Carlos CarnevaliIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:2
Topic:Net impact in Latin America
Author:Carlos Carnevali
Title:Vice President Latin America
Organisation:Cisco Systems
PDF size:124KB
Adilson Antonio PrimoIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:3
Topic:Latin America – ready for the Mobile Internet?
Author:Adilson Antonio Primo
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Siemens, Brazil
PDF size:176KB
Wagner FerreiraIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:4
Topic:True convergence, building digital communications
Author:Wagner Ferreira
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Brazil
PDF size:132KB
John EverardIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:5
Topic:Next generation network evolution – finding the path
Author:John Everard
Organisation:Newport Networks Ltd
PDF size:172KB
Richard Lihe YeIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:6
Topic:Nothing will be as it was
Author:Richard Lihe Ye
Organisation:ZTE, Brazil
PDF size:216KB
Jörg SpringerIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:7
Topic:Cellular’s evolving RF palette
Author:Jörg Springer
Title:Chief Marketing Officer
Organisation:Radio Frequency Systems
PDF size:140KB
Davi CaproniIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:8
Topic:Beyond the Internet: the next Era
Author:Davi Caproni
Title:General Manager
Organisation:Juniper Networks, Brazil
PDF size:152KB
Luís AvelarIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:9
Topic:Third generation mobile and multimedia in Brazil
Author:Luís Avelar
Title:Executive Vice President, Marketing and Innovation
Organisation:VIVO, Brazil
PDF size:132KB
Erasmo RojasIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:10
Topic:The GSM evolution and mobile connectivity in Latin America
Author:Erasmo Rojas
Title:Director of Latin America and the Caribbean,
Organisation:3G Americas
PDF size:140KB
Alejandro NestaresIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:11
Topic:Next generation service management – a single view of the customer
Author:Alejandro Nestares
Title:Business Development and Product Marketing Director, CALA
Organisation:Intec Telecom Systems
PDF size:184KB
James M. BellIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:12
Topic:Converging communications in Latin America
Author:James M. Bell
Title:Managing Director, CALA Region
PDF size:144KB
Helena de Araújo Lopes XavierIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:13
Topic:IP and the law in Latin America
Author:Helena de Araújo Lopes Xavier
Title:Senior Partner
Organisation:Xavier, Bernardes, Bragança, Sociedade de Advogados
PDF size:140KB