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David PoticnyIssue:Global-ICT 2003
Article no.:15
Topic:Leading Edge Solutions for Existing Network Infrastructure
Author:David Poticny
Title:President Europe
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Europe
PDF size:108KB
Published in Global-ICT 2003
Chi YooIssue:Asia-Pacific IV 2001
Article no.:10
Topic:The Future of Wireless Infrastructure in Asia-Pacific: Convergence and Cost-Effectiveness
Author:Chi Yoo
Title:Vice-President Mobility Segment Asia-Pacific
Organisation:Lucent Technologies
PDF size:24KB
Published in Asia-Pacific IV 2001
Martin GehIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:7
Topic:Multimedia Telephony: Delivering the “Value” over
Author:Martin Geh
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:84KB
Published in Asia-Pacific 2004
Author's PictureIssue:Latin America I 1996
Article no.:11
Topic:The Explosion of Wireless Services in Latin America
Author:Fernando Figueredo
Title:Vice President, Public Relations & Communications for the Caribbean and Latin America
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Inc
PDF size:0KB
Published in Latin America I 1996
Renato FurtadoIssue:Latin America 2002
Article no.:12
Topic:The Path to New Generation Mobility and Its Impact on People
Author:Renato Furtado
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Brazil
PDF size:20KB
Published in Latin America 2002
Renato FurtadoIssue:Latin America I 2001
Article no.:11
Topic:A Vision for Wireless Internet Applications
Author:Renato Furtado
Organisation:Lucent Technologies
PDF size:24KB
Published in Latin America I 2001
Luiz Cláudio RosaIssue:Latin America 2004
Article no.:7
Topic:A tool for digital inclusion – CDMA 450 MHz
Author:Luiz Cláudio Rosa
Title:Vice-President, Businesses Development for Mobility
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Brazil
PDF size:196KB
Published in Latin America 2004
Wagner FerreiraIssue:Latin America 2005
Article no.:4
Topic:True convergence, building digital communications
Author:Wagner Ferreira
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Brazil
PDF size:132KB
Published in Latin America 2005