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EMEA 2007 (18)

EMEA 2007

Theme: Access technology trends

BPON (broadband passive optical network), FTTx (fibre to the x?), PLC (power line communications), Wireless, 3G WiFi, WiMAX, Satellite, other.

Access was once a question of stringing copper - or a string between two paper cups. Wireless access has, in a few years, outpaced wired access so that mobile phones now outnumber all the traditional fixed phones in the world. Fibre brings TV, broadband and inexpensive voice, and even power lines are being used by utilities, or locally at the office factory floor, or home, to provide broadband access. Much of the change, the revolution in telecom, is the result of better access technologies. Technologies already in the pipeline, and others on the way, promise to change the way we communicate, work and play to an even greater degree than anything we have seen.

This issue will explore the consequences of these new technologies.

Viviane RedingIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:1
Topic:ICT for development - the European Commission view
Author:Viviane Reding
Title:European Commissioner for Information Society and Media
Organisation:European Commission
PDF size:304KB
Maïgari Bello BoubaIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:2
Topic:Broadband access in Cameroon
Author:Maïgari Bello Bouba
Title:Minister of State, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
Organisation:Republic of Cameroon
PDF size:232KB
Mohamed Al-GhanimIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:3
Topic:Telecom regulation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Author:Mohamed Al-Ghanim
Title:Board Member and Director General of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
PDF size:236KB
Vis NaidooIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:4
Topic:ICT, education and socio-economic development
Author:Vis Naidoo
Organisation:Mindset Network
PDF size:292KB
Anna BartzIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:5
Topic:Next-generation lifestyle services
Author:Jan Erik Kristiansen and Anna Bartz
Title:(Jan Erik Kristiansen) Partner and Director of European Operations, and (Anna Bartz) Consultant, ICT Europe
Organisation:Frost & Sullivan
PDF size:232KB
Gert-Jan SchenkIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:6
Topic:Access technology trends
Author:Gert-Jan Schenk
Title:Senior Vice President of Operations EMEA
Organisation:Juniper Networks
PDF size:216KB
Eric PresworskyIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:7
Topic:Access for a converging world
Author:Eric Presworsky
Organisation:Zhone Technologies
PDF size:188KB
Michael CurranIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:8
Topic:A new access paradigm
Author:Michael Curran
Title:Vice President
PDF size:180KB
Daniel KurganIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:9
Topic:Making the right transition
Author:Daniel Kurgan
Organisation:Belgacom International Carrier Services
PDF size:212KB
Yossi Ben-Harosh
Itshak Aisner
Issue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:10
Topic:Convergence through hybrid networks
Author:Yossi Ben-Harosh and Itshak Aisner
Title:(Yossi Ben-Harosh) CEO and President and (Itshak Aisner) VP Product Management
Organisation:Telrad Networks
PDF size:224KB
John RoeseIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:11
Topic:Pervasive, personal broadband
Author:John Roese
PDF size:188KB
Ari VirtanenIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:12
Topic:Mobilizing the Internet with new handheld devices
Author:Ari Virtanen
Title:Vice President, Convergence Products, Multimedia
PDF size:200KB
Christian MichaudIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:13
Topic:Mobile's new challenges
Author:Christian Michaud
Title:Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
PDF size:284KB
Nigel WrightIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:14
Topic:All hail the new MTV!
Author:Nigel Wright
Title:Vice President Product Marketing
Organisation:Spirent Communication
PDF size:172KB
Eugene Bergen HenegouwenIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:15
Topic:Open connectivity for roaming and interworking
Author:Eugene Bergen Henegouwen
Title:Vice President & Managing Director, EMEA
PDF size:188KB
Dr Ismat Quttaineh
Murtada Halabi
Issue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:16
Topic:Broadband over power lines, BPL
Author:Dr Ismat Quttaineh and Murtada Halabi
Title:(Dr Ismat Quttaineh) Managing Director and CEO, and (Murtada Halabi), Manager, Marketing and Business development
Organisation:Kuwait National Telecom Co.
PDF size:212KB
Jeremy DeanerIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:17
Topic:Manage bandwidth - manage access
Author:Jeremy Deaner
Title:General Manager EMEA & AsPac
PDF size:244KB
Ronald RubensIssue:EMEA 2007
Article no.:18
Topic:Access trends and virtualization of the contact centre
Author:Ronald Rubens
Title:Vice President for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India
PDF size:204KB