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Dmitry Sevastiyanov Issue: 2010
Article no.: 19
Topic: Energy and space - a pragmatic connection
Author: Dmitry Sevastiyanov
Title: Director General
Organisation: Gazprom Space Systems
PDF size: 137KB
Moez DayaIssue:Africa and the Middle East 2007
Article no.:11
Topic:Africa - the jewel of mobile communications
Author:Moez Daya
Title:CEO Africa
PDF size:228KB
Clifford FosterIssue:2010
Article no.:5
Topic:A smarter planet
Author:Clifford Foster
Title:CTO for IBM Sub-Saharan Africa & IBM Distinguished Engineer
PDF size:1143KB
Eva ChenIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:20
Topic:The dice we roll
Author:Eva Chen
Title:CEO and Co-founder
Organisation:Trend Micro
PDF size:336KB
Author's PictureIssue:Latin America 2008
Article no.:8
Topic:Trivergence: a new architecture for network devices
Author:Petronio Nogueira
Title:Partner-Director and Communication and High Technology Leader for Brazil
PDF size:249KB
Alex ZhouIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2007
Article no.:16
Topic:China’s migration to digital broadcasting
Author:Alex Zhou
Title:Country Manager, China
PDF size:372KB
Lance HileyIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:12
Topic:Mobile service, costs and a green agenda
Author:Lance Hiley
Title:Vice President, Marketing
Organisation:Cambridge Broadband Networks
PDF size:193KB
Justin Fielder Issue: Asia-Pacific III 2013
Article no.: 5
Topic: Keep the Internet stupid - and go forth with IPv6
Author: Justin Fielder
Title: CTO
Organisation: Easynet Global Services
PDF size: 721KB
Carlos GenardiniIssue:Latin America II 2000
Article no.:4
Topic:The Wireless Ecosystem, Mobile Technology for the E-Business World
Author:Carlos Genardini
Title:Senior Vice President
Organisation:Motorola Inc
PDF size:20KB
Conny L. KullmanIssue:Global-ICT 2003
Article no.:7
Topic:Satellite technology-an emerging hope for India
Author:Conny L. Kullman
Title:Chief Executive Officer
Organisation:Intelsat Ltd
PDF size:96KB
Dr Ignacio MasIssue:Latin America III 1997
Article no.:6
Topic:Can Regulation and Technology Lead to Effective Competition in Telecommunications Services?
Author:Dr Ignacio Mas
Title:Not available
Organisation:Analysys, UK
PDF size:20KB
Roy WittertIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2012
Article no.:12
Topic:Seizing Revenue Opportunities with Fixed Wireless
Author:Roy Wittert
Title:VP of Sales and Marketing for APAC
Organisation:Cambium Networks
PDF size:235KB
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