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Latin America IV 1998

Latin America IV 1998 (14)

Latin America IV 1998

Theme: The New ITU with the Latin America Connection

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C. A. CardosoIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:1
Topic:The Successful Introduction Of The Direct-To-Home Activity In Latin America
Author:C. A. Cardoso
Title:Regional Manager
Organisation:Phillips (Brazil) Business Electronics, Brazil
PDF size:32KB
Clayton MowryIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:2
Topic:Satellite Services in Latin America
Author:Clayton Mowry
Organisation:Satellite Industry Association, USA
PDF size:40KB
Daniel Medina VelandiaIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:3
Topic:'Opening Up' Colombian Telecommunications
Author:Daniel Medina Velandia
Title:Not available
Organisation:Comision de Regulacion de Telecomunicaciones, Colombia
PDF size:24KB
Mr. Don KoulaouzosIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:4
Topic:Rural and Remote Communicationsfor Latin America and the Caribbean
Author:Mr. Don Koulaouzos
Title:Senior Manager Regional Programmes
Organisation:Inmarsat, UK
PDF size:20KB
Gustav ArnarIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:5
Topic:Telecommunications Transition in the Mid-Atlantic
Author:Gustav Arnar
Title:Managing Director
Organisation:Post and Telecom Administration, Iceland
PDF size:24KB
Jay KitchenIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:6
Topic:Paging Growth in Latin America: Standing Before Near Boundless Market Potential
Author:Jay Kitchen
Organisation:Personal Communications Industry Association, USA
PDF size:32KB
Judith D. O'NeillIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:7
Topic:Legal and Regulatory Implications of Prepaid Cellular Service
Author:Judith D. O'Neill
Title:Partner and Chairman, Communications Practice Group
Organisation:Thelen Reid & Priest, Washington, D.C., USA
PDF size:24KB
Lena WittbjerIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:8
Topic:Latin America is Hot
Author:Lena Wittbjer
Organisation:Corporate Communications & Strategic Development MACH S.A., Belgium
PDF size:36KB
Maurilio Rene PalmieriIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:9
Topic:The Brazilian Privatisation Process
Author:Maurilio Rene Palmieri
Title:Sales Manager, Wireless Business Unit
Organisation:NEC DO BRASIL
PDF size:20KB
Michael MaloneIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:10
Topic:The New Era of Customer Care
Author:Michael Malone
Title:Senior Director, Network Engineering Services
Organisation:Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group, USA
PDF size:32KB
Peter NighswanderIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:11
Topic:Calling Party Pays: Is it Really Necessary?
Author:Peter Nighswander
Title:Director, Cellular and PCS
Organisation:Strategis Group, USA
PDF size:20KB
Peter ReinischIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:12
Topic:Global Standard for Mobile CommunicationsEstablishes All Over the World
Author:Peter Reinisch
Title:Director, Marketing Communication and Public Relations
Organisation:Siemens, Germany
PDF size:16KB
Mr. Roberto BloisIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:13
Topic:Profiling the Pre-eminent: Roberto Blois
Author:Mr. Roberto Blois
Title:Deputy Secretary General
Organisation:International Telecommunication Union
PDF size:16KB
Silvia Maria Ribeiro LopezIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:14
Topic:Telecommunications in Brazil: The Day After
Author:Silvia Maria Ribeiro Lopez
Title:Associate Lawyer
Organisation:Azevedo Sodre Advogados, Brazil
PDF size:20KB