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Europe I 2007

Europe I 2007 (19)

Europe I 2007

Theme: Thriving or surviving with convergence

Connect-World series of magazines is the leading magazine in the telecom and ICT industry that brings together the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap between the developed and developing world.

Francisco RosIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:1
Topic:Fixed-mobile convergence in Spain: setting the pace for the future
Author:Francisco Ros
Title:Secretary of State
Organisation:Telecommunications and the Information Society
PDF size:352KB
Ainārs ŠlesersIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:2
Topic:Fixed and mobile wireless convergence
Author:Ainārs Šlesers
Organisation:Transport of the Republic of Latvia
PDF size:416KB
Tomas BarakauskasIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:3
Topic:Principles of regulation in a converging world
Author:Tomas Barakauskas
Organisation:The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Republic of Lithuania
PDF size:520KB
José Manuel Amado da SilvaIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:4
Topic:Convergence and regulation in Portugal
Author:José Manuel Amado da Silva
Organisation:Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), Portugal
PDF size:248KB
Dan Cristian GeorgescuIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:5
Topic:Regulating wireless convergence for Romania’s future
Author:Dan Cristian Georgescu
Organisation:National Regulatory Authority for Communications, ANRC, Romania
PDF size:328KB
Reinaldo Rodriguez IlleraIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:6
Topic:Convergence and regulation
Author:Reinaldo Rodriguez Illera
Organisation:Comision del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (CMT), Spain
PDF size:352KB
Kevin PowerIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:7
Topic:European regulatory environment for fixed/wireless mobile convergence
Author:Kevin Power
Title:Chairman, ECTA (European Competitive Telecommunications Association); Chairman, OneAccess; Director, Viatel
Organisation:OneAccess/Viatel/ECTA (European Competitive Telecommunications Association)
PDF size:388KB
Andrew ZimmermanIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:8
Topic:Coming out on top - rethinking the wireless business model
Author:Andrew Zimmerman
Title:Managing Partner
PDF size:312KB
Caroline GabrielIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:9
Topic:Convergence - a fresh look for an old business
Author:Caroline Gabriel
Title:Co-founder, Research Director and Lead Analyst
Organisation:Wireless Technologies at Rethink Research Associates
PDF size:292KB
Jerome AlbertIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:10
Topic:The dimensions of convergence - simplification, control and innovation
Author:Jerome Albert
Organisation:Convergence Business Group, Alcatel-Lucent
PDF size:212KB
Mike BetzIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:11
Topic:Service portability across converged networks
Author:Mike Betz
Title:EMEA Managing Director
Organisation:Bridgewater Systems
PDF size:300KB
Daniel CoombesIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:12
Topic:What’s next with wireless broadband?
Author:Daniel Coombes
Title:Senior Vice President, Wireless Broadband Networks, and CTO, Motorola Networks & Enterprise
Organisation:Wireless Broadband Networks/Motorola Networks & Enterprise
PDF size:428KB
Christian MoralesIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:13
Topic:Convergence, convenience and mobility
Author:Christian Morales
Title:Vice President Intel Sales and Marketing Group and General Manager
Organisation:Intel (EMEA)
PDF size:456KB
Stanislas ChesnaisIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:14
Topic:Mobile chasms and tornadoes
Author:Stanislas Chesnais
Title:Chairman & CEO
Organisation:Netsize Group
PDF size:288KB
Vincenzo NovariIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:15
Topic:Thriving or surviving with convergence
Author:Vincenzo Novari
Title:Managing Director of 3 Italia and co-CEO, H3G Italy
Organisation:3 Italia/H3G Italy
PDF size:348KB
Boris NemsicIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:16
Topic:Mobile TV - open issues
Author:Boris Nemsic
Title:CEO and Chairman of Telekom Austria Group and CEO of mobilkom austria
Organisation:Telekom Austria Group/mobilkom austria
PDF size:288KB
Nick HunnIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:17
Topic:Converging on health
Author:Nick Hunn
Title:Executive Director
Organisation:Mobile Data Association
PDF size:324KB
Jim BakerIssue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:18
Topic:WiMAX, 3G and WiFi - play together!
Author:Jim Baker
Organisation:Moovera Networks
PDF size:320KB
Lin Cheng
Frank Toupin
Issue:Europe I 2007
Article no.:19
Topic:The road towards convergence
Author:Lin Cheng and Frank Toupin
Title:(Lin Cheng) President of Western Europe, and (Frank Toupin) Director of WE Product Marketing
PDF size:548KB