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Profiling the Pre-eminent: Roberto Blois

Written by  Mr. Roberto Blois
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Mr. Roberto BloisIssue:Latin America IV 1998
Article no.:13
Topic:Profiling the Pre-eminent: Roberto Blois
Author:Mr. Roberto Blois
Title:Deputy Secretary General
Organisation:International Telecommunication Union
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In the continuing series of profiling distinguished individuals in the telecommunications industry in Latin America who are at the forefront of ensuring that the benefits of the new era of liberalisation will be enjoyed by businesses and people from all wa1ks of life and from all over the region in the future, Connect-World Latin America here profiles Roberto Blois, the newly appointed Deputy Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


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At CITEL, Mr. Blois has worked on the consolidation of a dynamic regional organisation, which is representative and influential, and on the transformation of CITEL into a permanent organisation of the OAS. Among his duties was the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of CITEL and for the contact with other international telecommunications bodies, such as the ITU. Mr. Blois has been stressing at conferences and work meetings in Latin America and other regions, the need to strengthen the leadership of ITU in its relationship among other international telecommunications organisations. Mr. Blois also wants the ITU to take steps internally to become more qualified in order to meet the concrete needs of its member countries by closely following up on the demands imposed on governments and the private sector by changes in the telecommunications environment. Conclusion His vision and tenacity finally brought results. He was appointed the new Deputy Secretary General of the lTU in November this year, the first Brazilian to occupy this post. Connect-World wishes him every success in leading the ITU forward to meet the challenges of the new century.

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