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Global-ICT 2017 media pack


Collaborating in the digital economy: why working together is critical for growth

Rapid technological developments, societal changes and radical new business models are enriching and enlarging the ICT ecosystem. Never before has connectivity offered so much potential for economic growth and social development in the digital economy. And never before have the challenges of extending that connectivity to all been so pressing – raising issues such as universal access, meaningful local content, security, fair and open competition, fit-for-purpose regulation, joined-up policy, quality of service and scaling ICT start-ups and smaller businesses to maximum impact.

In a digital ecosystem made up of ever more stakeholders, from governments driving policy and regulation to established, major ICT companies, disruptive new OTT players and innovative SMEs, those challenges can only be met by working together. New markets call for new partnerships, new approaches and new ways of thinking. Why is it so important to work together and hear each other out? How much can we do alone, and what happens if we don’t collaborate at all?


Confirmed authors [Name Order

  • Irene Ng (Prof.) of Marketing & Service Systems, University of Warwick, UK
  • Irina Bokova, Director-General, UNESCO
  • Julian David, CEO, techUK
  • Kathy Brown (Mrs), President & CEO, Internet Society, USA
  • Mukisha Kituyi (Dr.), Secretary-General, UNCTAD
  • María Claudia Lacouture, Minister of Trade, Industry & Tourism, Colombia
  • Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole Group
  • Richard Parris, CEO, Intercede
  • Robert D. Atkinson, President & Founder, Information Technology/ Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

Contribution and Breakdowns



Total copies: 26,635

ITU Telecom World, Budapest, Hungary, 12-15 October 2015

Fortune 1,000 companies 7,000
Chairman, CEO...
Governments 3,000
Head of state, Ministers...
International organisations 2,000
Leading executives...
Regional top 100 ICT companies by sales turnover 10,000
Regional chairman, CEO...
Africa 750
Asia-Pacific 2,250
Europe 2,750
Latin America 1,000
Middle East 750
North America 2,500
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