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EMEA 2014 (16)

EMEA 2014

Theme: SDN in the Enterprise & NFV at the Carrier - Size Isn’t Everything

What does virtualization mean to the enterprise and what is it at the carrier network? In both cases the server farm is re-organised, routing traffic is re-planned, management systems upgraded…

Some global corporate networks are bigger than carriers, and some network operators cover territory and/or population that is no more than a city. What are the differences, when size is taken out of the equation?

Infrastructure – the ultimate challenge

Marius Catalin Marinescu, Issue: EMEA 2014
Article no.: 1
Topic: Infrastructure – the ultimate challenge
Author: Marius Catalin Marinescu,
Title: President
Organisation: ANCOM
PDF size: 351KB

"Radical future - Pragmatic beginnings"?

Dirk Trossen Phil Bridge Issue: EMEA 2014
Article no.: 4
Topic: "Radical future - Pragmatic beginnings"?
Author: Dirk Trossen/ Phil Bridge
Title: Principal Engineer of InterDigital & CW Virtual Networks SIG Champion/
Senior Network Architect of EE & CW Virtual Networks SIG Champion
Organisation: Cambridge Wireless
PDF size: 242KB

Service Revolution

Stephen Dow Issue: EMEA 2014
Article no.: 6
Topic: Service Revolution
Author: Stephen Dow
Title: President
Organisation: Artesyn Embedded Technologies
PDF size: 183KB

Defining SDN – remodeling the network

Mervyn Kelly Issue: EMEA 2014
Article no.: 9
Topic: Defining SDN – remodeling the network
Author: Mervyn Kelly
Title: EMEA Marketing Director
Organisation: Ciena
PDF size: 197KB

NFV and SDN: What happens next?

Martin Taylor Issue: EMEA 2014
Article no.: 11
Topic: NFV and SDN: What happens next?
Author: Martin Taylor
Title: CTO
Organisation: Metaswitch Networks
PDF size: 214KB
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